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GuardRail OSS, open source project, provides guardrails for responsible AI development

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Industry Veterans Develop Framework to Help Enterprises Build Ethical AI Solutions

Open Source Project Provides Guardrails for Responsible AI Development

SAN FRANCISCO, December 13, 2023 – Today, a group of enterprise software veterans launched GuardRail OSS, an open source project delivering practical guardrails to ensure responsible artificial intelligence (AI) development and deployment. Created by technologists including serial entrepreneur Reuven Cohen, Peripety Labs CEO Mark Hinkle, and ServiceNow veteran and current CEO of Opaque Systems Aaron Fulkerson, GuardRail OSS offers an API-driven framework for advanced data analysis, bias mitigation, sentiment analysis, content classification, and oversight tailored to an organization’s specific AI needs.

As artificial intelligence capabilities have rapidly advanced, so has the demand for accountability and oversight to mitigate risks. GuardRail OSS provides companies looking to leverage AI with the tools to ensure their systems act responsibly and ethically by analyzing data inputs, monitoring outputs, and guiding AI contributions. Its open source availability promotes transparency while allowing customization to different industry applications in academia, healthcare, enterprise software, and more.

“AI offers an important opportunity to reshape both business and societal landscapes, and its potential is only fully realized when anchored in responsible development,” remarked Reuven Cohen, the AI developer behind GuardRail OSS. “With this framework, enterprises gain not just oversight and analysis tools but also the means to integrate advanced functionalities like emotional intelligence and ethical decision-making into their AI systems. It’s about enhancing AI’s capabilities while ensuring transparency and accountability, establishing a new benchmark for AI’s progressive and responsible evolution.”

Backed by Opaque Systems and a team of industry veterans, GuardRail OSS is positioned to become a widely used solution for instilling accountability in AI development. As AI proliferates across industries, purpose-built guardrails and oversight will ensure safety, reduce bias, and develop trust in AI systems. As a freely available open source solution, GuardRail OSS leads by example in providing practical tools and frameworks to pave the way for the responsible advancement of AI.

“As companies transition Large Language Models from pilot phases into full-scale production, we’re witnessing a surge in enterprise demand for a robust, secure, and adaptable data gateway. Such a gateway is not only crucial for ensuring privacy and ethics in AI, but is also key to harnessing the rich insights latent in data exhaust, which, when analyzed with responsibility, can unlock unprecedented intelligence,” said Raluca Ada Popa, a renowned AI and security expert, Associate Professor at UC Berkeley, co-founder of the innovative RISELab and Skylab at UC Berkeley, and co-founder of Opaque Systems and Preveil. “In this landscape, the advent of GuardRail OSS as a secure framework for AI deployment is not just timely but pivotal. It’s a tool that resonates with the industry’s escalating demand for mechanisms that guarantee data privacy and ethical use of AI.”

About Reuven ”rUv” Cohen

Reuven Cohen is a seasoned technology expert with a profound impact on groundbreaking innovations. His expertise spans cloud computing, AI, and web3. He contributes to AI advancements as an alpha/beta tester for OpenAI. Reuven advises governments, co-founded a global grassroots Cloud initiative, and leads initiatives in some of the largest enterprise AI systems, including a recent 400,000-employee,  $1.4B generative AI deployment. You can follow him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/reuvencohen/).

About Opaque Systems

Opaque Systems (https://opaque.co) is the leader in privacy technology for data and AI, pioneering confidential computing for analytics and AI at UC Berkeley RISElab. Opaque is used by organizations including Ant Group, IBM, Scotiabank, and Ericsson. Opaque Systems has recently launched Opaque Prompts (https://opaqueprompts.opaque.co/) as a service but has released the code under the open source license on Github (https://github.com/opaque-systems/opaqueprompts-python).

About Peripety Labs​​

Peripety Labs (https://peripety.com) is an AI Consultancy founded by Mark Hinkle. Mark has been a long-time open source advocate and enterprise software executive. He’s been an Apache Software Foundation Committer for Apache CloudStack and editor-in-chief of LinuxWorld and Enterprise Open Source Magazine. He’s been an executive at the Linux Foundation, The Node.js Foundation, and the founding Head of Citrix’s Open Source Business Office. He publishes a weekly newsletter on artificial intelligence, The Artificial Intelligence Enterprise (https://www.theenterprise.io).

Contact Information

Mark Hinkle
[email protected]
Peripety Labs

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GuardRail OSS, open source project, provides guardrails for responsible AI development
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