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Securely accelerate AI into production.

Enterprise-grade platform empowers organizations to unlock sensitive data and run cloud-scale, general purpose AI workloads on encrypted data with verifiable privacy.

Extend existing workflows

No switching costs and less risk. Supports popular languages and frameworks for AI, including Python and Spark, and enables teams to securely combine datasets with cryptographic verification of privacy.

Hardware root of trust

A Confidential Workspace, Confidential Training and Inference, API, and Gateway with SDK, extends existing infrastructure, creating a confidential data pipeline and acting as a confidential control plane for AI with a hardware root of trust.

Faster time to value on less effort

Eliminate the need for compliance-driven, time-consuming tasks like data anonymization and manual access approvals so that AI projects can move into production for AI and analytics in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Confidential Data for Secure AI

Opaque provides a centralized data and AI platform that leverages confidential computing to protect data in use.

Business Application

General Purpose
AI Workloads

Verifiable Data Privacy
& Sovereignty

Customer Spotlight

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Enhancing Credit Risk Models with Opaque at Ant Financial

"Opaque's ability to process encrypted data at cloud scale made it possible for us to use data that was previously off-limits due to privacy and regulatory restrictions. This led to better credit scores since we could incorporate data that would have been unavailable otherwise. It really showed us how much better insights can be when you can securely use all your data."

Ant Financial

Transforming Data Collaboration at Wells Fargo

“With Opaque, we drastically reduced our data preparation time from months to weeks. Their solution allows us to process sensitive data while ensuring compliance across different silos, significantly speeding up our data analytics projects and improving our operational efficiency.”

Wells Fargo Bank

Enabling Generative AI Transformation with Accenture for a Performance Car Manufacture

"Using Opaque, we've transformed how we deliver Generative AI for our client. The Opaque Gateway ensures robust data governance, maintaining privacy and sovereignty, and providing verifiable compliance across all data sources."

Performance Car Manufacturer Partnered with Accenture

Protecting the EU from Emerging Cyber Threats

“Opaque's ability to process data from multiple sources while keeping everything private is game-changer. It’s crucial for spotting cyber threats like ransomware early on. This tech speeds up our AI deployment and helps to react to threats faster, making cybersecurity efforts much stronger.”

European Cybersecurity Agency


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