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Competitive edge in the AI era: Leveraging your unique data assets securely and compliantly

Aaron Fulkerson
5 min read

The confidential computing market is growing rapidly, with its valuation expected to leap from $7.26 billion in 2023 to $53.31 billion by 2026. As this market expands, it signals a new era of data analytics—one where encryption is integral to every process. Opaque Systems stands at this frontier, offering an innovative solution that streamlines artificial intelligence (AI) development by leveraging encrypted data.

Zero trust, less friction

The use of encrypted data for analytics and AI is revolutionizing data strategy for chief information officers (CIOs) and chief data officers (CDOs). Gone are the days of cumbersome data preparation and sanitization. Opaque’s encrypted data analytics solution renders these steps unnecessary, freeing valuable resources and mitigating risks. In an era where data breaches can incur costs of up to $9 million, the ability to process data while it’s encrypted end-to-end is not just an efficiency gain; it’s a financial imperative.

For CIOs and CDOs, the strategic implications are vast. The analytics and AI advancements propelled by Opaque’s technology enable enterprises to confidently navigate the complexities of handling sensitive structured and unstructured data. For instance:

  • The legal industry can now train AI copilots on actual case data without the risks previously inherent in using AI on sensitive client information.
  • Financial institutions can tackle fraud detection and perform complex risk analytics securely—without the traditional pitfalls of data anonymization.
  • Healthcare organizations can apply AI to the full breadth of their data, ensuring patient privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

This shift in data processing is deeply resonant with the needs of today’s CIOs and CDOs, who are constantly seeking ways to enhance data utility without compromising on security. Opaque’s approach allows the direct use of real, sensitive data to develop AI, bypassing the limitations that once required synthetic data generation as a privacy safeguard.

Your data is how you differentiate

It’s not the model, it’s not the compute, it’s your proprietary data that allows you to differentiate and compete. Using your data requires new tools to ensure regulatory compliance, ensure privacy, and prevent data leakage. Opaque offers software solutions to meet the rigorous demands of modern data ecosystems by incorporating the latest data trends and understanding the gravity of data privacy concerns. Opaque’s solution aligns perfectly with the current market trajectory, where the rapid adoption of confidential computing solutions is being driven by the organizational need to protect data across its lifecycle.

By choosing Opaque Systems, CIOs and CDOs are not only adhering to the highest standards of data privacy but also positioning their organizations at the leading edge of AI and analytics innovation. Opaque empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data, enabling growth and competitive advantage in a landscape where data privacy and data utility are both paramount.